Has time spent on social media increased?

They are generally used by companies that are trying to improve their presence on social networks and improve their marketing efforts through the time they spend on social networks. The continued growth of social media provides digital marketers with even more opportunities to connect with new audiences in new ways. Undoubtedly, the value that the use of social networks can add to consumers' lives is more evident than ever. However, since the trend of recent years has been for people to spend more and more time on social networks, that means that humans are on track to spend a decade or more of time on social networks over the course of their lives.

Things are going so fast and so many things are being published, whether it's your friends' wedding announcement, big news, or a hilarious meme, that if you're not constantly on social media, you run the risk of missing out on the latest. The reports show that the way in which future generations use social networks is very different, so the way in which people use social networks today may not be a good indication of how they will use them in the future. More than half (50.64%) of the world's population now uses social networks and, of the 4.570 million Internet users, 83.36% are active users. Today's social media platforms are evolving and developing to meet an increasing variety of consumer wants and needs.

Lockdowns and quarantines certainly pushed the world to trust online communication and changed the way people used social networks. In general, social media usage statistics estimate that a person will spend 6 years and 8 months of their life on social networks. For comparison, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that people spend more time on social networks than on everyday activities. Recent studies revealed that excessive use of social networks has been associated with an increase in feelings of loneliness and isolation, as reported by an overwhelming 71% of regular social media users.

We assume that, as global access to the Internet increases and new platforms emerge in the future, more people will interact online and on social media. According to their findings, the annual upward trend in social media use may not continue much longer in the future.

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