What is the current most popular social media platform?

The rankings in our list are based on the number of monthly active users (MAU). Below is a chart showing the top 15 social media sites and applications calculated by the industry's leading business data provider, Statista. The company's turbulent beginnings and its continued association with epic controversies haven't stopped it from achieving astounding growth since its launch in 2004. Despite its immense popularity, Facebook isn't the most visited website in the world.

Surprisingly, its 25.5 billion monthly views are surpassed by YouTube's 34.6 billion and totally overshadowed by Google's 92.5 billion. Compared to other social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular among users between 12 and 34 years old, although its share is in this U.S.-based demographic. UU. it's definitely shrinking.

Despite its popularity among younger audiences, YouTube also has some notable statistics to reach the adult demographic. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of all U.S. adults. They use YouTube.

Facebook is in second place with 68% and Instagram is third with 40%. When it comes to the national demographic, more than 30% of all YouTube traffic comes from just three countries. At 16.4%, the United States provides the highest percentage. India is in second place with 9.2% and Japan takes bronze with 4.8%.

There are more ways to interact with your potential customers on Messenger than you can imagine. From automated chatbots that answer incoming inquiries and promote products to the ads that appear in the user's inbox, Messenger is every B2C marketer's dream. Facebook happily reports that more than 40 million active companies use Messenger to interact with their potential customers and that every month more than 20 billion messages are sent between companies and regular users. Statista's most recent figures on interaction with instant messaging in the U.S.

indicate that 12.1% of US mobile device owners used WhatsApp, compared to 56.8% of Messenger. The most popular photo-sharing app in the world is ranked number 5 with a total of 1.220 million active users around the world. Demographically, Instagram primarily attracts users under the age of 35, and 71% of the app's user base falls into this category. It's also a very popular platform for B2C marketing, as more than 70% of US companies are actively using it as a marketing channel.

Instagram offers incredible engagement rates compared to Facebook, its biggest competitor. Despite offering relatively similar functionalities and participation mechanisms, Instagram posts get, on average, a 23% higher engagement rate than images published on Facebook. With 140 million users each, the United States. and India represent the two most important national demographic groups on the platform.

Brazil (99 million) is in second place and Indonesia (88 million) is third, while Russia (56 million) is not on the podium. Two years after its appearance on the social media scene, TikTok was among the five most downloaded applications in the world. A year later, it was number one. And not by a small margin.

The fledgling social network surpassed its closest rival, WhatsApp, in a staggering 250 million downloads. Launched under the name OICQ in 1999 as a downloadable instant messaging service, the platform quickly became China's most popular digital contact platform and played a critical role in “killing email” in the world's most populous country. China's 1.5 billion people love to share videos and stream live. So much so, in fact, that we are talking about the second application of its kind that focuses exclusively on the Chinese market.

In statements to shareholders in its fourth quarter results report, the company announced that it had recorded a staggering 46% increase in international monthly active users (MAU). Over the same period, the network experienced a more modest national increase of 11% in the new MAU. Reddit currently has just over 2.2 million subreddits. These are largely independent communities that exist with minimal moderation and interference from the platform itself.

This autonomy has played an important role in Reddit's success. Users can form thriving communities around fairly unknown topics, something that generates fierce loyalty to a platform. The 15 Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps. Raise your hand if you never thought that we would reach the end of this gigantic list.

In addition to traditional social media ads, QQ also allows influencers (called KOL) to organize groups of KOL fans. Knowing how deeply each of these platforms reach the global online community is fundamental to your company's social media marketing strategy. Get a solid view of all of these variables and your next social media campaign is much more likely to show the benefits your company deserves. Assuming that people sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day, these latest figures suggest that people spend approximately 15 percent of their waking lives using social media.

Once you've chosen which social networks to focus on, it's important to keep track of your analytics and your competitors. Of the seven most popular social media platforms, more than half are owned entities, namely Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Facebook, owned by Meta, is the most popular social media platform with 2.9 billion monthly active users (MAU). In all seriousness, knowing as much as possible about a platform before you start promoting your brand on it is absolutely critical to successful social media marketing.

That means that nearly two out of three of the 4.59 billion social media users around the world are active Facebook users. Social media platforms help you increase brand awareness and reach, interact with your audience, and gather valuable information about customers and competition. While you can't take credit for starting it all, that honor goes to SixDegrees (RIP), Facebook is the social media giant that not only showed the world what the Internet can be, but also radically changed the way humans interact with each other. The number of social media users has also continued to grow over the past 12 months, with 190 million new users joining social networks since this time last year.

Once again, GWI data can help us understand the platforms that people have the most affinity for, and the following graphic shows the general preferences of social media platforms worldwide. .

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