What are the most popular topics on social media?

Companies will invest more money in video production. If you don't take advantage of creator marketing for the next 12 months, you're missing out on a big opportunity. According to an Accenture survey of 10,000 consumers around the world, many shoppers still don't trust the process of buying products through social networks. Shannon Tien is the editor-in-chief of the Hootsuite blog and co-creator of the Fridge-Worthy social media awards show.

He has been writing about social media and other topics for more than 11 years. You can read more of her award-winning articles in The National Post, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, The Believer and more, and find her giving social media tips on video on the Hootsuite Labs YouTube channel. See more of your credentials on LinkedIn or on their website. Purchases in metaverses are also evolving in the social and e-commerce worlds.

An example of this is the Roblox store with Forever 21, which allows users to buy outfits that match their avatar. Companies can also use social networks to help manage crises and to listen to people on their platforms. Consumers want companies to be transparent and honest during a crisis, and 61% of users believe that brands should recognize moments of crisis when they occur, according to a Twitter survey. To learn more about these trends, see the Influencer Marketing Hub Social Media Comparative Report.

Brands have long used social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to sell their products. Personalization has reached such a level that these social media platforms now also understand the type of products you like. Decentralized social networks will become a viable alternative to major social media platforms in the coming years. Working in an industry that is transforming faster than a Power Ranger can be difficult, as the social media landscape is constantly changing.

This transition occurred gradually as brands began to realize that many customers were trying to communicate with them on social networks. According to data shared by Pinterest Business, ads on its platform can generate twice the return on advertising investment for retail brands, compared to other social media channels. To avoid information overload, companies use social networks with their creativity to reach customers. Help your management team understand the risks involved in not expanding your social media team at the right time.

Just like local SEO is for local brands that want to get more organic traffic, local segmentation is the counterpart of social media. Some might argue that brands can't exactly personalize their social media content for different consumer segments. Social media platforms have started to offer advanced segmentation and personalization options for sellers. Millennial consumers who participated in the same survey, for example, want brands to be more transparent on social media.

69% of them want the company's CEO to have a “personal presence” on social media and that CEOs have the power to make a positive impact when they are transparent, according to 71% of consumers of the millennial generation.

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