How has the use of social media impacted global communication?

The influence of social networks has given rise to a different kind of communication, in which conversations are quick and information is easily transmitted. Because of their widespread impact, employers are looking for professionals who are well versed in social media platforms to take on important roles within an organization. Social networks are a great factor of equality in the world of communication; they help to hear the best and most interesting ideas. However, social networks are less predictable than traditional channels.

Recognizing this, successful social media marketers must stay smart and up to date, not only following trends but also setting them. As communication and information travel faster and faster, the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller. As a result, this changes the way the world communicates, especially with the current obsession with social networks. On the positive side, the biggest advantage of digital marketing is how segmented we can be in setting advertising parameters.

Social media also allows a brand to create a community, interact with its consumers and, ultimately, humanize its brand more than ever. An important ingredient for success comes from first recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media. It is imperative to understand how the respective target audience in each region can interact differently within the social media space, which underlines the importance of using country-specific platforms to expand reach and generate greater participation. Building a strong team of internal social media influencers starts with identifying people based on a variety of factors, such as skill set, collaboration between departments, and existing level of social media experience.

To harness the true potential of any global social media program, it's important to identify and develop an in-house team of influencers. Man has always been called a social animal and today social networks seem to be one of his most competent social needs. That said, social media marketing is part of the marketing puzzle, and brands must still consider other channels to reach their audience, whether direct communications, email marketing, or search engines. The Internet and social media have dramatically changed the way people around the world interact and communicate.

In a global social landscape, it's important to create teams that can expertly adapt their own social media programs, including cultural references and communication styles, to fit the needs of each region. Through social networks and data analysis, companies have a powerful and patented platform to better understand analysts, opinion leaders, industry experts and potential customers. A cohesive brand, along with clearly articulated social media operations, is a powerful recipe for success.

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