What was social media like 10 years ago?

A decade ago, social media seemed to be much simpler. There were no sponsored ads in all of our news sources. Practically no one was an influencer on social networks. Photo editing was best left to professionals, and live streaming in an app didn't exist.

Social networks go beyond simple conversations and photos. Networks such as LinkedIn offer a professional platform that helps companies and job seekers connect. This is another example of how versatile social networks can be. In 2002, a few years after the purchase and sale of Six Degrees, Friendster was launched.

It was similar to Six Degrees in terms of users who needed to create a profile and add friends to their network to interact. However, it went beyond Six Degrees, as it allowed people to share videos and photos and send messages to other people on the network. Social networks expanded for companies to generate revenues and improve customer experiences. This is a GIF to demonstrate how explosive the growth of social networks has been in the last 12 years.

To say that social networks have devastated the world is like saying that the rain is wet or that the fire hurts is an understatement. However, when Mark Zuckerberg and his friends Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollom, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes created Facebook, social media quickly became an integral part of our lives. Social networks are online communication media designed to create networks and communities where there is information, ideas, messages, photos, etc. Those who do not mistakenly believe that Facebook was the original social networking site tend to think that MySpace was the first to appear.

Here are five science-backed psychological elements of social media that increase the amount of social media participation. In addition to posting ads on social media platforms, companies discovered the potential utility of cultivating an active and engaged presence on social networks. In fact, social networks were officially born in 1997, but their roots go back even further to the early 1990s and to the birth of the blogosphere. Instagram, in particular, became the application of choice for social media users interested in travel, entertainment, fashion and other visual orientation topics.

Another growing point of interest for social networks in the future, according to Entrepreneur, will be video content. In the beginning, social networks existed to help end users digitally connect with friends, colleagues, family, and like-minded people they might never have met in person. It remains the preferred social media site for job seekers, as well as human resource managers looking for qualified candidates. Today, social media allows customers to express their concerns, offer criticism and suggestions, and receive timely feedback on customer service issues.

Social networks are an almost inevitable part of modern life, and the number of active social media users is increasing every day. To that end, digital marketers hire social media influencers to share messages and product offers with their followers.

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