How much has social media grown in the past year?

In the future, while the number of social media users will continue to increase, the growth rate is expected to stabilize. Read the latest social media statistics and structure your marketing plan around a funnel that has been proven to improve performance. Undoubtedly, the value that the use of social networks can add to consumers' lives is more evident than ever. The best source for obtaining statistics on the most important social media platforms comes directly from company statements and earnings announcements.

Young adults were among the first to adopt social networks and continue to use these sites at a high level, but use by older adults has increased in recent years. And if you're still not convinced of that, check out these latest figures from Statcounter, which show that Facebook is still responsible for more than 70% of all web traffic referrals that come from social networks. Rounding out the top five are North America, where there are 434.93 million social media users, and South America, with 306.76 million users. As a result, if the decline in reach reported on the different Meta platforms had been affected by the number of advertisers and the size of their investments, this could indicate a decline in Meta's share of the overall social media advertising market.

GWI research and analysis indicate that people are trying to use the Internet with more “determination”, especially after the rapid increase in time spent using social networks during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Meanwhile, Meta continues to represent the three “favorite” social media platforms in the world and, more importantly, people are still two and a half times more likely to choose Facebook as their favorite social platform than to choose TikTok. As it stands, social media statistics show that more than nine out of ten (91%) social media users use mobile devices to access social networks. In addition, the average CPM of social networks (the cost of posting 1000 impressions on social networks) declined in the last 3 months, so the increase in investment resulted in an 18.8% increase in the number of social media ads that were shown to users on all social platforms.

The use of the main social media platforms varies according to factors such as age, gender and education level. However, Facebook is still by far the most used social media platform in the world, and available data suggests that it still has hundreds of millions more active users than its next closest rival. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, the regions with the least social media users are the Caribbean, with 24.71 million users, and Central Africa, with 21.13 million users.

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