How has the use of social media impacted education?

The use of social networks has both positive and negative effects. However, the negative effects are more pronounced because students tend to use these platforms for fun and time rather than for academic purposes. This can distract them from learning and academic activities. The effect of social media on education is not entirely black or white.

In general, social networks have changed the way students learn by providing new avenues of communication and collaboration. The acceptance of social networks in daily life is one of the driving forces behind these dependent perspectives and the way in which social networks are changing education. Writing social media posts isn't the same thing as writing essays, and while poor spelling and grammar along with emojis and abbreviations are one thing on social media, it's quite another thing in essays. In addition, if students can use social media during class, they may be tempted to browse sites such as Facebook or Twitter instead of participating in class discussions.

In general, social media offers students new opportunities to show what they know and connect with others. To avoid this, teachers should carefully monitor how and when students use social media in the classroom. There are now countless examples of how social networks are used in the classroom, and it's essential to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of using these tools in this environment. In short, social networks have many benefits for students in the classroom, so they are an essential tool that all educators should use.

Social networks help boost students' creative abilities by allowing them to learn and then do the same by doing it themselves. For example, if students are allowed to use social media during class, they may be tempted to cheat on homework or plagiarize the work. Adopting social media sites with a slight carelessness can have mental and physical effects on a person's health. The excessive use of social networks can have adverse effects on students' minds and they can also be exposed to poor posture, eye strain, and physical and mental stress.

Nowadays, students tend to lose focus when studying and instead enjoy browsing social networks.

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